After graduating with a BComm from Concordia University in 1981, Greg Rokos started his career in IT in the midst of a deep market recession. After an initial success in selling MRP solutions with NCR, a leading American IT manufacturer, he left in 1985 to join Econocom International, an emerging European leader in IT services, to help build their Canadian operations.

After a 3 year period of tremendous growth between 1986 and 1989, where over 100 acquisitions were made, market conditions forced Econocom to restructure. Appointed President, Greg led the Canadian restructuring and participated in the international one, renegotiating long-term commitments and selling-off assets to conserve cash.

Lessons learned during this extremely challenging period helped build a strategy driven by the following key guiding principles:

  • Focus and execution – Choose what you want to be best at, execute well an average plan rather than not executing the perfect plan.
  • Embrace change and have tolerance for ambiguity – The IT industry is intrinsically chaotic and disruptive. A key to success is to be open to change and seize the opportunities that arise, facing challenges brought by technology transformation.
  • Ensure the company’s financial situation is healthy to be able to quickly seize opportunities as well as face tough economic cycles.
  • Be smart when acquiring. Look for hidden value. Structure win-win deals, take the time to integrate acquisitions properly.

Greg is motivated and excited looking at the big picture. At the same time, he is lucid about his blind spots. It was critical for Greg early on to surround himself with key people who were detail and process oriented and could help deliver his technology vision. ESI’s initial mission has remained and evolved over the years: accelerate its clients business by helping them manage, protect and transform their information, anywhere: when, where and how they need it.

The acquisitions made have evolved and matured into a synergistic set of solutions. It has taken patience and focus to ensure that what he built over the years did not, at any time, place the company’s financial stability at risk. As ESI is executing its plan for the future, Greg has never felt as driven and focused towards the opportunities available to ESI today. With the depth, maturity and drive of its team, Greg is convinced ESI will meet and surpass its goals.